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Flow FM is country Australia’s regional radio station broadcasting a great music format far and wide!

Flow FM is your rural marketing solution. Use our Contact page to ask us how we can make a difference to your brands recognition or a point of sale package to increase your turnover or bottom line. We also help Local government, tourism providers and event organisers with excellent promotional possibilities. Flow Fm also helps clients with live reads or interviews about their products services or events and has an event marketing team to visit locations upon request. If you want us to promote or attend at an event let us know via the Contact page.

Industry Targeting
Flow FM has extensive coverage to the following industry groups. Agricultural (crops, livestock), Viticulture (wines), horticulture (potatoes, vegetables), Aquaculture (fishing, lobster, oysters), Forestry, Mining, Tourism and Automotive. Flow has specific programs with industry association that make placement for campaigns that much more effective. For example a farm machinery company can place adverts near a rural news bulletin where more farming people would listen.

Representation / Agencies
Flow has representative agency agreements through Southern Cross Austereo in all mainland capital cities.

Network Direct
Flow provides companies with multiple sites or product brands a rural marketing solution. Tourism providers also have access to advertise across all Flow Fm broadcast sites from one buy, one placement and one account. Flow advertising consultants can tailor an advertisement package with add on purchases to other commercial radio stations. A network advertising campaign would reach areas in 3 States of Australia. We will soon reach into NSW also.

SA Network Direct
Some clients need a State by State access to advertising. If you want to reach rural South Australia we offer coverage of 150,000 regionally located people. For the travelling public 5 of the 7 main Highways into SA have a Flow service as the primary FM radio upon entering SA. The other 2 roads Flow has the second service that drivers would pick up.

Victoria Network Direct

We reach 60,000 rural Victorians across the Yarra Ranges, Great Ocean Road and North Central / Mallee areas. Agriculture, Viticulture, Forestry, Aquaculture (fishing) and Tourism are key areas. Our country Victoria Football Show or Flows Agriculture reports from DPEI, BCG, GRDC or MLA provide good places for marketers to target spots on Flow Victoria. Advertisers can place campaigns for events like Field Days, Melbourne Music concerts or sporting fixtures that reach multiple areas in the regions via Flow thereby increasing attendances.

Local Advertising

Flow provides smaller local companies special rated packages to get them started on the radio. It is very cost effective to use radio in a holistic approach to rural marketing even for the smallest company. Flow has country supermarkets, hotels, service stations, mechanical repairs, travel agents, sports stores, fashion shops, computer / phone outlets, home furnishing / carpets, car dealers, caravan companies, truck outlets, butchers, rural merchandisers, real estate and nearly every other industry as successful advertisers.

Ask our representatives today how we can create a rural marketing solution for you!

W & L Phillips Pty Ltd (ABN 91 095 464 350) T-A Flow FM – Commercial Licence SL010147

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