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Streaky Bay Students Caring for Country

Streaky Bay Area School and Children's Centre students recently enjoyed a series of 'Caring for Country' workshops facilitated by Warna Manda Aboriginal Women’s Corporation.

Primary school students were led by Wirangu Elders Veda Betts and Della Sansbury on excursion to Perlubie Beach, Eyre’s Waterhole and Smooth Pool.

Natural Resource Officer Libby Hunt said students were enraptured by the Elders’ stories.

“Students from the Children’s Centre learnt about the Wirangu people’s connection to Country at Sheoaks Beach.”

Students created collages, clay models and mobiles from natural materials, to depict what the landscape and life may have been like for the Wirangu Aboriginal Ancestors.

Warna-Manda Women's Aboriginal Corporation Cultural Instructor Susie Betts said the workshops promoted connections.

"It is important for all children to understand and learn Aboriginal people's survival and connection to "Warna" (Sea) and "Manda" (Earth), but most importantly their very own connection and the interconnectedness to Mother Nature."

Children’s Centre Managing Director Wendy Carcuro said Warna Manda is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn.

“It’s about respecting diversity and building a sense of belonging with people, country and community,” said Wendy.

Students also assisted Elders to make ‘Fry Mai’ - a flat bread, and watched it being traditionally cooked over hot coals.

The outdoor workshops were supported by Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula and funded through the Australian Government Targeted Areas Grants Program.

For further information on Warna Manda Cultural Program please, contact Susie Betts: 0467 207 807 or visit the Natural Resources EP website.

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