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Israel's AgriTask Brings Agriculture Boost to Vic

Agriculture Victoria will receive a technological boost to improve the state's farming systems when a new partnership with Israeli agtech company AgriTask comes to light.

Agritask's agronomists and software experts have developed an agriculture business intelligence and decision support platform that will enable farmers to immediately benefit from precision agronomy, while continuing to use their present work methods.

The world leading technology integrates data from a number of sources into a comprehensive mobile and web solution to enable better decision-making on farms, and along the supply chain from paddock to plate.

Based on comprehensive agronomic data analysis, AgriTask assists farmers by providing key advice and support on irrigation, pest and disease detection, crop nutrition, and tactical decision making in response to weather.

Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford met with AgriTask representatives in Tel Aviv last week to announce the new Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), which will see the development of a new farm management and decision support tool for Victorian farmers.

The new collaboration will enable information to be shared between Agriculture Victoria and AgriTask, to help adapt the agronomic platform to suit Australian farming systems.

Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford said: “We’ve identified food and fibre as a priority industry sector with potential to drive significant jobs growth, attract future investment and inclusive growth in rural Victoria.

“This is an exciting opportunity to learn from world-renowned pioneers in agricultural innovation about how we can capitalise on our growing food and fibre industry.”

Quote attributable to AgriTask Chair Mr Israel Fraier said: “AgriTask is pleased to collaborate with leading agronomic scientists in Australia and is looking forward to cooperating with the business ecosystem in Victoria for serving Australia’s needs and other neighbouring agriculture economies.”

Minister Pulford also visited to the University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Agriculture, Trendlines Group and Israel's key medicinal cannabis industry leaders during her visit.

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