• Hannah Phillips

Australia Signs The International Solar Alliance

On Wednesday the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced the Australian Government has formally indicated its intention to join the International Solar Alliance.

The Solar Alliance, led by the Governments of India and France, aims to deepen cooperation on solar research and development, financing mechanisms, and diffusion of solar technology amongst countries in the tropics.

During a visit to India in April, the Prime Minister announced Australia would join the International Solar Alliance.

On her visit to New Delhi this week the Foreign Minister signed a framework agreement while participating in the Australia-India Foreign Minister’s Framework Dialogue.

In sun-rich countries like Australia and India, solar energy has significant potential to help meet the energy demands of growing economies she said.

“Australia is known for its leadership in the solar sector. As a continent rich in solar resources, Australia has significant expertise in remote electrification and developing innovative financing models”.

Australia joins 34 other countries in signing the Solar Alliance framework agreement.

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