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Healthier Council = Healthier Environment

13 Victorian Councils will take part in a pilot program run by the State Government, designed to improve local responses to pollution and waste issues.

The $4.8 million Officers for the Protection of the Local Environment program will see successful councils work with an embedded officer for 15 months from September this year.

Successful councils include:

  • Buloke

  • Loddon

  • Central Goldfields

  • Brimbank

  • Hobsons Bay

  • Wodonga

  • Greater Shepparton

  • Mildura

  • Surf Coast

  • Wyndham

  • Greater Dandenong

  • Casey

  • Port Phillip

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said the new officers will work closely with the EPA and council to respond to smaller-scale and lower risk waste and pollution complaints, such as small to medium scale illegal dumping, litter, noise, dust and odour arising from small business and industry.

“The new officers will complement the role of existing EPA based environment protection officers meaning more officers on the ground, more support and expert advice, and more investigations into compliance," she said.

Duties of the officers will also include responding to complaints, providing information and education activities to support prevention of pollution, and proactive inspections of premises to support compliance.

EPA based environment protection officers will continue in their role, responding to high risk pollution and waste issues.

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