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Mannum's Game Obsession Expo Back in Town

The riverside town of Mannum will be transformed into a "pop-up theme park" on August 6, when the Game Obsession Expo returns.

The event promises an action packed movie back lot filled with re-enactments from medieval times with medieval knights taking you all the way through to ‘the black knight’ of the galaxies of the future.

Gaming fanatics will be able to marvel at the many collections on display including ‘Mr Potato Head', Pokemon and Transformers, as well as take part in ‘Warhammer 40K’ and a Dungeons and Dragons contest.

Game Obsession Expo coordinator Gavin Pitman said: “Expo goers can join in with an enthusiastic group of fantasy fans who take gaming away from the table into live action role play creating noble warriors, simple merchants or devilish rogues to name a few. “Our trebuchet challenge will certainly intrigue people with working catapults on mass taking our medieval theming to a new level. “A trebuchet was used to hurl heavy stones to smash castle or city walls in ancient times - we will only be using oranges to showcase the works of many enthusiasts and they have the chance to win a stylish gold printed sash,” he said.

Jousting displays, quidditch matches and live comedy theatrical presentations on the main stage will all be in Mannum, and people are invited to come dressed as their favourite cartoon, comic or fantasy character, and join the Cosplay competition. 100 of the latest board games will also be on offer to try before you buy and expo goers can even put their driving skills to the test test in the V8 simulator as well as rides, trains, live entertainment and food stalls.

For further details contact Gavin Pitman on 0419 828 339 or visit

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