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Burra Heritage Icon Preserved for Years to Come

The King Edward VII Rotunda in the centre of Burra will undergo preservation works to ensure its future.

Over a century old, the rotunda was built in 1911 by James Robinson for £151 and stands proudly on a road reserve in Market Square.

The Victorian era style octagonal rotunda was originally built on a circular grass mount with a circular perimeter metal palisade fence, but has since been removed over time.

Minor repair work, including repainting and electrical work, has been undertaken on the rotunda in recent years and now the Regional Council of Goyder is in a position to complete significant preservation works of the heritage listed icon.

“All proposed work is based upon the Burra Charter principles and specialised skills have been sought to undertake the restoration,” Council Chief Executive Officer David Stevenson said.

Council has budgeted $30,000 for the renewal of the concrete terracing and landscaping around the rotunda’s perimeter, and a further $30,000 for repairing and painting the structure.

“As part of the scheduled works there is an opportunity to reinstate the rotunda to its former condition,” Mr Stevenson said.

Plans also include the reinstallation of the balustrading between the cast iron columns to match the original pattern and removal of the extensions to the floor footprint.

“The rotunda is used for Christmas activities and as a tourist attraction within Market Square, and as such we do not anticipate any issues in reducing the size of the floor to its original dimensions.

“Council also plans to remove the concrete terracing and reinstate the grass mound and original landscaping, based on historic photographs of the original work.

“This will be an exciting project for the history of the town and we are looking forward to seeing the rotunda returned to its original glory.”

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