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Flow FM at the Mallee Machinery Field Days

The Flow FM team have been busy this week, having fun at the Mallee Machinery Field Days in Speed.

With a huge variety of exhibits, stalls and activities on offer, here's just a snapshot of the Field Days from Flow's perspective.

Tuesday before the Field Days was spent 'getting up to Speed', and exhibitors were busy setting up marquees, organising the layout of their stalls, and getting a feel for the days ahead.

On Wednesday August 1, exhibitors and visitors were welcomed by the committee with open arms, ready to kick off the 39th Mallee Machinery Field Days.

Cloudy skies soon turned clear and the warm sun was enjoyed by all.

Our very own Flowman was asked to MC the opening event, with a taste of his speech below.

Victorian Nationals Members were also in attendance on Wednesday, with Luke O'Sullivan, Andrew Broad, Peter Walsh and Peter Crisp providing their comments to Flow FM.

Back at the Flow tent, Lisa Jay and Han were keeping people entertained with a great display of quoits, and challenging visitors to take on the jenga tower!

Here's a little taste of the jenga tower crashing down.

Local primary school students were also out and about at the Field Days on Wednesday, with Woomelang Group School students following their trail to find themselves at the Flow tent.

Part of their challenge was to get an autograph from the Flowman and take one of his famous selfies together!

Anita caught up with some of the students while they were waiting for an autograph.

More local students stopped in at the Flow tent, learning how to be journalists for the day - Anita was very excited to show them the ropes and give them an interview!

Anita's portable mic proved very handy, capturing the feel of the Field Days when speaking to visitors.

People were being delighted by the lovely sounds of local musical legends - Chooka Williams and Mary Cummins.

They stopped by the Flow tent for a chat in between their performances.

Many stalls and exhibits were on display, with GWM Water keen to get their message out to local water users.

Although Thursday was cold and rainy, it didn't stop people from coming along to enjoy all the Mallee Machinery Field Days had to offer.

Here's Anita's report from Thursday morning on the way to get some breakfast.

Han and Anita decided they were feeling rather chilly, and the Wimmera Hearing van opposite the Flow tent looked very inviting, so they decided to get their hearing tested and record the whole experience.

They also attended an interactive presentation from two successful Mallee women about the achievements of women in regional and rural areas (which is scheduled to be played on Flow FM).

In the meantime, here's a little taste from presenters Katie Sutton and Margot Faraci.

As the rain started to seep into the tent, it was time to pack up and head back to the studio after a huge couple of days in Speed…before it got too wet and muddy!

The salesman from Twin Pantry - a nut vendor and neighbouring stall to Flow - wanted to leave people with this final message.

Now back at the station, the Flow team is already counting down to the 40th Mallee Machinery Field Days next year!

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