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Colac's Quest to Become RV Friendly

Colac Otway Shire Council is currently reviewing the idea of listing Colac as an RV Friendly town, encouraging local community members to have their say.

RV stands for recreational vehicle and describes a motor-home that is generally self-contained and includes a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters.

Council agreed at its June meeting to consult the community on a proposal to become an RV friendly town, which could potentially generate an economic return of more than $500,000 annually if 3 RVs per day stayed for 2 nights.

If Colac was to become an RV town, it would have to meet criteria outlined by the Campervan Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA), by providing:

  • Appropriate parking within the town centre, including new line marking to accommodate RVs. A long vehicle park is approximately 12.5 metres long and 3.5 metres wide, which equates to the conversion of approximately two parallel car parks or 4.5 angled car parks, per long vehicle park.

  • Low-cost short-term (24/48 hour) parking for self-contained vehicles within the town precinct

  • Access to potable water (can be met at the Colac Central Caravan Park)

  • Access to a free dump point within the town precinct (is included in Colac Central Caravan Park’s overnight fee)

Council believes most of these requirements can be met at the Colac Central Caravan Park at the Colac Showgrounds.

Under the proposal, Council would also make changes to parking at the Colac Visitor Information Centre to meet the CMCA’s ‘desirable’ criteria.

Council will decide whether to place ‘RV friendly town’ signs at town entrances, and will also discuss whether to apply for CMCA recognition at a future meeting.

People wanting to give feedback on the proposal to become an RV friendly town can complete the online survey, email or call Council’s Economic Development and Tourism department on 5232 9400.

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