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Happy #choosedaySA!

Every Tuesday, choose local SA businesses - that's the message Brand South Aaustralia is promoting with their new #choosedaySA campaign, launched last week.

As an addition to their I Choose SA campaign, Brand South Australia says #choosedaySA will support local producers, growers, manufacturers, service providers and businesses throughout the supply chain to help increase jobs across the state.

“We want all South Australians to realise the power they have in everyday purchase decisions,” Brand South Australia CEO Karen Raffen said.

“If every South Australian household were to spend an extra $2.30 a week on local food and beverages, it could support up to 600 new local jobs.

“Chooseday will help drive behavior change amongst South Australians, and provides a great opportunity for everyone to share how they Choose SA on social media with the hashtag.”

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