• Hannah Phillips

By Royal Appointment

The shopping centre in Curtin, a suburb on the outer edge of inner Canberra, is a collection of old shops.

It’s renowned for an excellent café which offers a range of different roasted coffees, a wonderful underground second hand book store and an old fashioned barber shop, run by some former Iranians, where blokes can get an old fashioned hair cut at a reasonable price.

One of Inside Canberra’s regular informants and whistle blowers happened to be in the shop the other day, waiting on the vinyl bench for his six-weekly tidy up, when a familiar figure strolled in and plonked down beside him.

The Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, had wandered in for a trim.

There was no sign of a large Roller with a crown number plate so the presumption was that the Head of State had walked over from his residence at Yarralumla.

He seemed familiar with the owners and had a long chat with them about their families and other matters.

At the end of his appointment he paid the usual twenty five bucks.

Inside Canberra wonders whether an elected president would be as egalitarian.

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