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Act F.A.S.T When Stroke Occurs

Every 9 minutes someone in Australia has a stroke, with regional Australians 19% more likely to experience one.

This week is National Stroke Week, and people right around the nation are being reminded to think F.A.S.T to ensure someone in every Australian household knows the signs of stroke.

Flow FM spoke to Stroke Foundation Spokesperson Scott Stirling earlier in the year to find out what happens when someone has a stroke, and how to deal with it, particularly in regional Australia.

The Stroke Foundation reminds people to think F.A.S.T and act FAST:

Face - Check their face. Has their mouth drooped?

Arms - Can they lift both arms?

Speech - Is their speech slurred? Do they understand you?

Time - is critical.

If you notice any of these symptoms occurring, act FAST and call 000 immediately.

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