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Massive Drug Shipment Busted on way to Ceduna

Almost 11 kgs of methamphetamine known as 'ice' has been uncovered by Yalata Police in a vehicle bound for Ceduna on South Australia's West Coast.

With the assistance of Penong Police and Ceduna CIB members, Yalata Police arrested two male occupants of the vehicle, both from New South Wales.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Crameri, Officer in Charge of Serious and Organised Crime Branch, spoke about the seizure earlier this week.

Wayne had the story in the Mid Morning Work Show.

The 29-year-old man from West Ryde and 29-year-old man from Homebush, were charged with possessing a large commercial quantity of a controlled drug, and have been denied bail.

Officers from SAPOL’s Serious and Organised Crime Branch have travelled to Ceduna to assist with the ongoing investigation.

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