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From Tasmania to the Barossa on a Vintage Motorbike

Ron Fellowes is not one to shy away from an adventure, especially when it involves a motorcycle...

In 2012, he rode a vintage 1910 FN motorcycle 14,606kms from Nepal to Belgium, in the hope it would all be "down hill". During his extensive travels, Ron has also trained a dog team for the 1000 mile Yukon Quest in Alaska, and spent 3 years motorcycling from the top of the world to the bottom with his wife in the 1980s.

Ron's latest challenge is a little less ambitious, but still no easy feat.

He's riding that same 1910 motorcycle from his home in Tasmania, all the way to Flow region the Barossa Valley in SA, for the 2017 National Veteran Motor Cycle Rally.

Ron caught up with Anita to talk about his latest adventure.

You can see Ron's 107 year old motorcyle and other 200 beautiful vintage machines at the 2017 National Veteran Motorcycle Rally in the Barossa Valley from Sunday September 17 to Friday September 22.

Riders are happy for people to stop and have a chat, to pass on knowledge about their motorcycles.

The rally stopped in at Kapunda today, September 18, with owners and riders proudly displaying their pre-1918 motorcycles that are travelling around 100kms per day, throughout the Barossa region.

Pictured below is a 1917 Bennett Barkel - nicknamed the 'B and B bike', which was bought for around 100-120 pounds back in the day.

As it was hard to sell motorcycles around the end of the war, this B and B bike was sold with a fixed engine 1915 gear box added to it.

Today it is worth around $40 thousand.

If you see the vintage bikes around your region - stop and say hello!

Image Sources - Ron Fellowes, Good Reads; Flow FM

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