• Hannah Phillips

'Choctober'- Give Up a Little, Change a Lot

Reclink Australia’s Choctober campaign is asking people to give up chocolate for the month of October to raise funds and awareness for some of the most disadvantaged females in our community.

Anita spoke to Reclink Australia Founder Peter Cullen to find out more.

Choctober funds raised last year allowed Reclink Australia to start a new initiative, called the 'Women in Sport and Arts Program', and the organisation hopes this year's fundraiser will see similar results. This program offers a range of activities which are for women and girls only, with a year-long schedule for women from a domestic violence shelter, including a ‘Women’s Pamper’ day, ten pin bowling, kayaking, snorkelling, social outings, swimming, and gym sessions.

For more information on the Choctober campaign go to www.choctober.org.

If you are struggling and need to reach out - you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14.