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Wasleys Bowling Clubrooms Reopened After Fire Devastation

The Wasleys Bowling Clubrooms have officially been reopened, after they were forced to be rebuilt, following extensive damage caused by the Pinery fires in 2015.

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo said the determination to re-establish the clubrooms showed great dignity from club members.

“In many ways, tragedy has shown us how wonderful humanity can be and how together, we are stronger,” said Mr Piccolo.

“It is humbling to see the resilience of the Wasleys community.

“This team spirit, which has seen the community rally together to rebuild Wasleys only sporting clubroom, is nothing short of incredible.

“Club members have shown the same true grit that the founding members of the Club did back in 1935 when the club was first officially opened.”

The original clubrooms were officially opened on the last Sunday in December in 1935 by the (then) President, Mr Albert Selleck.

Mr. A. A. Seibert offered a suitable block of land on very easy terms, and this led to the creation of the club and work started during July 1934 to lay the first green.

“With the official opening of the rebuilt clubroom, we can appreciate and celebrate a closer community," Mr Piccolo said, adding he was "truly honoured to be present and be invited to unveil the official opening plaque." “I look forward to seeing the positive impact this will now have on the local community and region," he said.

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