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Coorong District Council Responds to #RoadRepairsNow

As part of our #RoadRepairsNow campaign, Flow FM has been busy contacting local Shires, Councils, VicRoads and the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) on behalf of you - our listeners, to see what is being done to fix our regional roads.

We were recently alerted to some particularly bad roads around the Jabuk and Jabuk South area in South Australia's south-east region, and got in touch with the Coorong District Council to find out more.

Anita spoke to Coorong District Council CEO Vincent Camell on the Regional Roundup.

He also announced $200,000 of road funding for the Coorong district, which has been reallocated to roads in the region.

Mr Camell said $100,000 of funding will be specifically used for grading works, with an additional external grader being brought in to target 14 key grain routes covering 247km across the region, including a number of roads out towards the Jabuk and Peake area.

He confirmed that beyond the scheduled works, these key grain routes will receive an additional two grades during the Harvest season, over the 12-14 week heavy haulage period.

Key grain routes include:

  • Cooke Plains – Cooke Plains Rd (17kms), Malinong Rd (13kms), Nine Mile Rd (12kms)

  • Meningie – Yarindale Rd (36km)

  • Peake – Growden Rd (9kms), Jabuk South Rd (16kms), Netherton Rd (18kms), Stirling Well Rd (11kms)

  • Tintinara – Carcuma Road (28kms), Heinrich Rd (21kms), Railz Rd (11kms)

  • Yumali – Frost Rd (14kms), Hannah Well Rd (11kms), Yumali Rd (45kms)

Mr Camell said the remaining funds will see $50,000 put towards re-sheeting works for Brumfield Road at Meningie, and $50,000 to deal with capital failure works, such as the works scheduled to occur on Jabuk South Road.

Flow FM will check in with local residents to see how works are progressing.

If you have any concerns about roads in the Coorong District Council, you can call them at 1300 785 277, or contact the Council online.

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