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Sandii's Success for the Mallee

Sandii Lewis from the Mallee Catchment Authority (CMA) has recently been recognised for her contribution to land management in the Mallee at the 2017 Victorian Landcare Awards in Melbourne.

Sandii received the Heather Mitchell Memorial Fellowship for her role in delivering effective Landcare projects in the Mallee, as part of the Eastern Mallee Landcare Consortium.

Sandii was accompanied to the event by CMA Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Collins and CMA Chair, Sharyon Peart.

The awards ceremony was held in Victoria’s Government House and Ms. Peart says it was a great day for women of the Mallee.

“It was wonderful to see Sandii recognised. She has worked tirelessly for our region and helped to improve on-farm land management practices and the impact of her work will be felt for generations to come.

“In receiving this award, Sandii reminds us that we can all make a difference to our community and that the barriers that may once have existed for women, particularly in the agriculture sector are being broken down.

“What a great and important message Sandii is sending to the young girls in our region.”

Upon accepting the award, Sandii thanked both the Mallee CMA and the Manangatang, Waitche, Annuello, Kooloonong-Natya and Nyah West Landcare Groups, along with Sustainable Living in the Mallee for their support.

“This is for you – with your support, enthusiasm and countless volunteer hours, you make my job easy," she said.

Also recognised at the ceremony was Mallee CMA staff member, Kate McWhinney, who received a commendation in the Dr Sidney Plowman Award for her own contribution to land management practices.

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