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No More Registration Labels for SA's Heavy Vehicles

Registration labels for heavy vehicles will be abolished in South Australia from Wednesday November 1st 2017.

The removal of heavy vehicle registration labels will apply to approximately 86,000 South Australian registered heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes (excluding Federal Interstate Registration Scheme vehicles).

This will align with the registration procedure for light vehicles in which registration labels were eliminated from July 1, 2011 and be consistent with Western Australia and Tasmania.

Other states are also expected to abolish registration labels for heavy vehicles in the near future.

The elimination of labels for light vehicles has enabled South Australians to become accustomed to using EzyReg online tools to review the status of and renew vehicle registration on mobile devices.

The benefits of eliminating registration labels for the heavy vehicle industry will be primarily red tape reduction.

The Regulations currently require a registration label to be affixed to a vehicle within 30 days of registration payment however many large vehicle fleets are frequently on the road, often interstate, and find it difficult to comply with this requirement.

The EzyReg website and mobile app enable anyone to check a vehicle’s registration details including configuration and expiry date.

Registered operators can subscribe to SMS and email reminders to receive registration renewal alerts.

Registration certificates will continue to be posted to the registered operator’s address with full vehicle configuration details which can be retained in the vehicle for quick reference.

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