• Hannah Phillips

Passenger Rail for Horsham & Mildura?

Horsham and Mildura's rail lines have been without passenger services since 1993, significantly impacting the way Western Victorians are connected to the rest of the state.

Under the Murray Basin Rail project, the line from Mildura to Portland is being upgraded to standard gauge track, in an effort to standardise the railway, and allow freight trains to carry grain and mineral sands more easily.

Federal Member for Mallee, Andrew Broad, believes standardising the track is the first step in potentially bringing back passenger rail services along the Mildura and Horsham lines.

He spoke to Flow FM for more.

According to Mr Broad, the process should see passenger rail brought back to Horsham first, concurrent with the findings of an expert report on regional rail commissioned by the Ararat, Glenelg, Hindmarsh, Horsham, Northern Grampians, Southern Grampians, West Wimmera and Yarriambiack councils earlier this year.

Mr Broad continued to outline his plan, stating that to bring passenger rail back to Mildura, boom gates would need to be built along the line as a priority, delaying the process by "a number of years".

When asked how likely this plan was to occur, Mr Broad said: "It's happening now, when you look at what we're doing to the track.

"You could never run a passenger rail when you don't have a safe track...and we're now going to have an upgraded standard track right across Northern Victoria," he said.

Flow FM will continue to update you on the Murray Basin Rail project, and the possibility of passenger rail services returning to Horsham and Mildura.

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