• Hannah Phillips

Preserving Australia's History - 100 Years of Berlei at NFSA

Australia's National Film and Sound Archives (NFSA) play a crucial role in preserving our history for future generations to come.

With a variety of collections on display, their current exhibition celebrates 100 years of Australian underwear brand, Berlei.

Beth Taylor from the National Film and Sound Archives joined Clayton on the Arvo Flow for more information.

Berlei originally began as a small store in 1912 called 'Unique Corsets Limited', which was founded by Fred Burley and his brother Arthur.

In 1917 they decided to change their image and name, adopting the French-sounding version of Burley - 'Berlei'.

To find out more and view the NFSA's other collections, visit nfsa.gov.au.

Image Source - NFSA