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Barossa's Heritage Machinery Preserved

Local machinery will be better preserved in the Barossa Valley, when a council grant is used to construct a dedicated building to house the heritage machinery and memorabilia.

Barossa Valley Machinery Preservation Society (BVMPS) has secured a $55,000 grant and loan from the local Council to construct the building that will showcase the machinery valued at around $1 million.

The collection will be part of the redeveloped Angaston Railway Precinct and is expected to be a major tourism drawcard in its own right.

Long-term BVMPS member John Anderson said the collection gives insight into how machinery influenced local history and culture.

“The collection includes Angas engines and a 1927 Garford truck that was used to cart rock to the railway station and put it on the train,” John said.

“The Howard family recognised its significance and kindly donated it to our club to keep it in the area.

“It’s in very good mechanical order and has been in the Vintage Festival Parade and the Adelaide Show.

"We are now the custodians and intend to display it at the Angaston Show and in the precinct eventually so people can appreciate it.”

Recognising the project is a long-term proposition, the club has begun a fundraising drive and will rely on community donations to help fund stage one of the project.

Tickets are currently on sale for a two course lunch and auction on Sunday November 26 and the club will also seek donations and goods in kind from local businesses.

“This is the start of a major project that has been on the drawing board almost 10 years to the day when we first decided to write a letter to council, and we hope the community will get behind us,” John said.

“We don’t want a pat on the back, we just want this collection preserved for future generations to enjoy.” Image Source: Barossa Valley Council. Pictured with the 1927 Garford truck are (front) Mayor Bob Sloane, John Anderson, Theo Marks and John Richardson and (back) Brice Pohl, Phil Martin, Wayne Ebert and Phil Holmes.

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