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Stronger Safety Rules for Drone Users

Stronger and clearer safety rules regarding the flying of drones have been introduced by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

The new rules will better protect people and aircraft from drones. They focus on the operation of recreational drones.

  • Recreational drones must now never be flown within 5.5 kilometres of any controlled aerodrome – which are the major aerodromes in capital cities and some regional centres.

  • Recreational drones must not be flown within 5.5 kilometres of non-controlled aerodromes or helicopter landing sites if it is clear aircraft are operating there.

  • Recreational drones must be flown below 400 feet at all times, kept more than 30 metres from people who are not involved in controlling the drone and only one drone can be flown at a time.

  • All drones – recreational and non-recreational – must now be kept away from areas where fire, police or other emergency operations are underway unless there is approval from the person in charge of the emergency operation.

  • Existing rules prohibiting drones flying over and above crowds and groups of people and only allowing flights during the day and within visual line of sight still apply.

  • Drones must never be flown in a way that creates a hazard to people, property or aircraft.

Clayton spoke about the new rules today on the Arvo Flow.

Get more information on the drone safety rules at CASA’s new drone website.

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