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Stripping the Stigma for a Good Cause

Being nude is something not everyone is comfortable with, but nude farm photos are making a popular appearance on social media of late, with many stripping down for a good cause.

The Veterinary students at the University of Sydney have been releasing an annual nude calendar since 2004 and it's beginning to gain a lot of attention.

Sarah caught up with Georgia who features on the 2018 Vet Students calendar.

She also caught up with Ben, the man behind the popular Instagram account The Naked Farmer. Who is located in Flow's 106.5 Victoria region.

The Naked Farmer Instagram account was launched in May this year, and has reached over 16.9 thousand followers to date. Here's hoping the Flow Instagram account will reach that level of followers!

You can find The Naked Farmer Calendar online at

And you can purchase the University of Sydney's Veterinary students calendar online at

Both Calendars are devoted to having the funds go towards causes to help many other rural and regional people.

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