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Farm Smarter, Not Harder with New Partnership

‘Smart Farming Partnerships’ are the latest program from National Landcare, offering grants of between $250,000 and $4 million to farmers.

Grants must be used to put in place new and innovative sustainable land management practices, which protect and improve the condition of soils, vegetation and biodiversity.

Member for Barker for Tony Pasin called for groups and individuals in the agriculture, fishing, aquaculture and farm forestry industries in Barker to put their heads together and apply for the $60 million Smart Farming Partnerships, which recently opened.

“These Smart Farming Partnerships will support the development, trialling and implementation of next generation farming, forestry and fishing practices,” Mr Pasin said.

“These partnership grants will get behind larger projects and support the formation of relevant and effective partnerships between experienced and skilled organisations and individuals.

“The grants will help groups of organisations to come up with, or take advantage of the next great idea, the benefits of which can be shared across the community and the world.

“Having healthy and productive soils, biodiversity and vegetation benefits farmers, communities and consumers.

“Applying sustainable land and water management practices on the ground and harnessing local knowledge is delivering tangible environmental and financial benefits to our communities and farm businesses—that is why the government has invested $1 billion in the future of Landcare.

“I know that farmers in Barker are innovators, and the government is supporting that innovative thinking to help local farmers continue to farm smarter, not harder.”

Grant applications close 21 December 2017, for more information and how to apply, visit

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