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Rock Lobster Fishing All Year Round

South Australia's Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery will be opened for a 12-month fishing season, following a joint decision from the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) and Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA).

The Northern Zone Rock Lobsters Fishery, covering Flow's West Coast region has been seasonally closed during winter, from June to October, since 1966.

However, recent research from SARDI scientists and PIRSA fishery managers working with industry, indicated that lobster egg production and population numbers would not be impacted if the zone was to remain open - as the majority of lobster caught during this period were male.

Year round access to the Northern Zone will provide fishers with the potential to increase revenue, capitalising on reduced lobster supply from international markets over the winter months.

SARDI Crustaceans Sub Program Leader, Dr Adrian Linnane said: "The Southern Rock Lobster is a valuable economic commodity, and by removing the winter closure we will enable fishers to have greater flexibility in their business decisions."

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