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Should Dogs be Let off the Leash? "Ruff" New Rules in Kingston SE

Dogs are no longer permitted to be off-leash anywhere along the Kingston SE foreshore, or within the township, following the implementation of new rules from the Kingston District Council.

Many people within the Kingston community have been outraged by this decision, with the co-creator of a new Facebook page 'Dog Lovers of Kingston', Mairi, joining Anita on the Country Viewpoint for more.

Although Mairi is not a dog owner herself, she is passionate about the issue and told Flow FM it has been an ongoing issue with more community consultation required.

When asked what reason the council gave for bringing in new restrictions, Mairi said: "We haven't been given any reason whatsoever, it's just suddenly been presented to us."

"I walk on the beach every morning and I am lucky to see anybody, let alone somebody with a dog.

"And now suddenly it's become impossible even for responsible dog owners to take their dogs to the beach, to the foreshore, and exercise them," she said.

"Large dogs need to be exercised, and there is nowhere in Kingston now where the dog can run off the leash."

Mairi agreed dogs should not be off the leash at all times for the safety and comfort of those who have a fear of dogs, however she questioned why there couldn't be a compromise with specific off-leash and on-leash times designated in certain areas.

For more information, contact the Kingston District Council, or have your say on the Dog Lovers of Kingston Facebook page.

Image Source: Dog Lovers of Kingston

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