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Psychiatric Superhero Exploring Schizophrenia Through Art

James de Blas is a local artist based in Flow region 99.5fm Kapunda, who's upcoming exhibition 'the Psychiatric Superhero' explores schizophrenia through a variety of creative mediums.

As an artist and author, James has recently published an illustrated novel, which uses paintings from the exhibition to portray the vivid images being conjured in the story.

Having coped with schizophrenia since his teenage years, James provides a unique insight into living with the mental disorder.

He joined Anita in the Flow studios to talk about the depiction of schizophrenia through art, creating works to help others, and the details of his upcoming exhibition at the Burra Regional Art Gallery.

Anita began by asking how James explores schizophrenia through art, and how this comes together in his work.

To see the works for yourself - the Psychiatric Superhero exhibition will be launched this Saturday, November 11, at the Burra Regional Art Gallery from 5.30pm.

James will be in attendance at the gallery from 1 to 4pm this Saturday & Sunday, and invites visitors to talk to him about his artistic journey.

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