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Tempy Primary School Play Does Digital

In the remote town of Flow's 95.3 region Tempy, 17 students have been working hard to get a performance up and running for November 24.

With the help of a multi award-winning playwright, composer, director, designer, dramaturge and educator Ant Crowley, over the course of several months and interactive workshops via polycom conference equipment the performance has been envisioned and created.

As a part of the new Creative Learning Partnership developed by the state government, the small country school has been given the opportunity to work alongside creative professionals from over 500 kilometers away, that they wouldn't normally have access to.

Sarah caught up with Tempy Primary School Principal Cheryl Torpey to find out exactly how this was done.

The final performance 'When a Star Fell in our Wheatfield' will be showcased Friday November 24 at the Patchewollock Town Hall from 7:30pm with supper to follow.

You can find the blog at or Ant Crowley's site at

Image source: Tempy Primary School

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