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Victoria's Quad Bike Scheme: One Year On

Rollover protection has been improved on hundreds of quad bikes across Victoria, since the implementation of the State Government's $6 million scheme in October last year.

Anita had the story on the Country Viewpoint.

Since the scheme has come into effect:

  • More than 1,580 quad bikes have had rollover protection devices fitted

  • 1,034 grants have been given to help farmers buy more terrain-appropriate vehicles

Farmers who have not yet taken up the rebate are encouraged to do so before WorkSafe begins new compliance activities early next year.

Minister for Finance Robin Scott said: “I urge anyone who is eligible for the rebate and has not yet applied to do so immediately.

"It’s a simple step that will help keep yourself, your family and your employees safe.”

Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford agreed, saying:“For farmers, their employees are often their loved ones, so safety always must come first.”

Eligible farmers are offered $600 to fit a rollover protection device on their existing quad bike, or $1200 towards the cost of buying a more appropriate work vehicle.

For more information and details on how to apply, go to, or for information on quad bike safety in South Australia, visit

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