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Colac Says Baa-Baa to Monday, Hello Thursday!

Colac's monthly sheep and lamb sales at the Regional Saleyards have moved from Mondays to become a regular Thursday event, starting from this week.

Colac Otway Shire Council changed the sheep sale day from Monday to Thursday in response to feedback from the industry including local livestock agents.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Robert Dobrzynski said the sheep sales could be scaled up to fortnightly or weekly during busy periods, and also scaled back depending on demand.

“The Monday sale was always intended to be on a trial basis, and as promised, we have continued to obtain feedback from buyers, sellers, agents and industry representatives on how the sales are working.

“Based on recent feedback that Thursdays would work better for the local industry, Council has made the decision to schedule two sales for the remainder of this year – this Thursday 23 November, and Thursday 14 December.”

In 2018, sheep and lamb sales will take place on the third Thursday of each month.

Mr Dobrzynski said Council remained committed to supporting farmers in the region and encouraged local buyers, sellers and agents to use the Colac Regional Saleyards.

The sheep sale will take place immediately following Thursday’s cattle sale at 11.30am, with animal receival taking place from 7am to 10am on sale day.

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