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Local Laucke Flour Products Pulled From Woolworths Shelves

100% Australian owned and operated business Laucke Flour Mills has been the latest local company to lose products from supermarket shelves, with supermarket giant Woolworths delisting their Laucke stock.

Laucke products taken off Woolworths' National Store Distribution include:

  • 5kg Wallaby Bakers Flour

  • 1kg Pizza & Foccacia Mix

  • 1kg Ciabatta Mix

  • 2.4kg Golden Wholemeal Mix

  • 1kg Single Origin Kangaroo Flour Classic

  • 1kg Single Origin Kangaroo Flour Rising

Laucke Flour Mill Owner Mark Laucke joined Anita on Flow FM to discuss.

The business has said they are "devastated by their decision" which comes after "numerous attempts over several months by Laucke to recover unavoidable and significant increases in the costs of electricity and ingredients...which have impacted our business severely."

"Our justifiable cost increases were rejected by Woolworths across these items which led to Woolworths delisting decision," they said in a statement.

"Laucke is 100% Australian owned, managed by third and fourth generation family members and this decision by Woolworths puts Aussie jobs at risk.

"It will also affect our external supply chain and support network including farmers, truckies, merchandisers and other people that provide resources to Laucke and these suppliers."

Laucke Flour Mills are not the only Australian products to be taken off Woolworths' shelves, with Kooka's Country Cookies (based in Flow region Donald), taken out of a majority of states earlier this year.

On their Facebook page, Kookas who use Laucke's biscuit flour, expressed their dismay at Woolworths' decision.

1kg CWA Scone Mix has been saved from the supermarket scrapping, following intense public pressure on Woolworths, who have agreed to the request for a marginal increase in wholesale price.

The local company has addressed buyers, saying: "Your continued support means so much to us. If you are used to purchasing any of these products from Woolworths, we thank you and appreciate your loyal support.

"We will continue to drive every effort to work with Woolworth’s management to have this decision reversed and continue to support the remaining products and Australian food production businesses.

"If you feel just as passionate as we do about our products and creating the best baking experience, please contact your local Woolworths store or their National Customer Support Centre (1300 767 969) and pass on your disappointment and feedback."

Flow FM will continue to follow the story.

Image Source - Laucke Flour Mill old building in Eudunda, taken by Denis Bin

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