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VFF's View for More on the Moratorium

Earlier this year the State Government imposed a ban on fracking and a moratorium on conventional onshore gas exploration, which restricts the extraction of unconventional gases such as coal seam, tight and shale gases in Victoria until the year 2020.

Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) President, David Jochinke joined Sarah in the lead up to National Agriculture Day on Tuesday November 21 to discuss VFF's position on the issue.

According to Mr Jochinke the VFF is oriented towards ensuring that farmers rights are protected within the discussion around the exploration of conventional gas on their farms, and that the government should respect the farmers' rights to say no to fracking.

"At the end of the day a lot of farming land especially where gas may or may not be has those aqufiers".

Mr Jochinke also suggested that a key part of the VFF's view on the moratorium is to ensure farmers are able to utilise the "worlds best practices and processes to better understand what's going on", during the period of when, or if, the moratorium is lifted.

If the government is to change hands next year, Jochinke mentioned that the VFF's position is determined by their membership, remaining open for discussions but also considerate to the processing of policies.

For more information on the Victorian Farmers Federation's policies head to their website at

Image source: Victorian Farmers Federation Website

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