• Hannah Phillips

Brass Stolen from Saddleworth Church

Police are investigating a break-in at a church in Saddleworth, and have released images of some of the items stolen.

Between 15 – 19 July, the Catholic Church on the Barrier Highway was broken into, and thieves stole numerous brass and silver religious artefacts and utensils.

This property includes a brass tabernacle, several brass candle stick holders ranging from 30cm to 45cm tall.

A silver baptismal jug and plate was also stolen. The jug and plate had engraving identifying them as being from several churches in the Mid North.

Several brass and silver brass flower vases were taken, and a projector unit.

Anyone who may have seen any of these items for sale, or has information about their whereabouts is asked to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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