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Boosting Biodiversity in the Mallee

Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has announced $463,312 is available in funding to the region’s landholders and community groups to help undertake works to improve the Mallee’s biodiversity.

Funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, grants are being delivered to support activities that aim to improve habitat for native flora and fauna.

Included in the works will be the establishment of corridors of native bushland and the protection of priority areas through pest, plant and animal control measures.

Mallee CMA Chair, Sharyon Peart, said grants are vitally important in helping landholders and community groups to carry out valuable on-ground works that can secure a better future for the Mallee.

“A total of $140,000 is going to 8 local Landcare groups to complete a range of pest plant and animal control works across 14 projects.

“In addition to this, approximately $222,822 is going to private landholders to cover fencing, seed, tree and planting costs associated with revegetation works across 10 projects under the Revegetation program.

"A further $100,490 is going to private landholders to install stock exclusion fencing and to control weeds of National Significance," she said.

The local Mallee grants come as part of the Federal Government's $1 billion investment to help support better natural resource management across Australia, including regional funding to our nation's 56 natural resource management organisations.

Ms Peart said the grants generated a lot of interest across the region and demonstrate the strength of collaboration in the Mallee.

"This funding will support Mallee farmers and groups with a practical and working understanding of the environmental issues facing this region and who are committed to delivering positive outcomes.

"The Mallee CMA is working hard with landholders and local groups and these newly-funded projects will help us to continue to do that."

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