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Creating Coonalpyn's Mosaic Ready to be Revealed

The final piece of the Creating Coonalpyn Regional Renewal program is set to be unveiled this Friday, following 12 months of hard work.

More than 11,000 ceramic tiles and 3000 volunteer hours have been put into the Coonalpyn Mosaic Mural, which spans a breathtaking 11 metres.

The project is set to become a colourful centrepiece for the town, 9 months after the towering silo mural launched the small rural town onto the world stage.

Screening Coonalpyn's public toilet block, the mosaic has been mounted on a specially built wall and will be a striking feature for passing travellers on South Australia’s Dukes Highway.

Iconic Coorong flora and fauna such as blue wrens, eagles, correa and Mallee scrub have been depicted in Coonalpyn’s latest visual feast.

Goolwa artist Michael Tye was contracted to mentor local mosaic artist Marcia Camac in the design and opus sectile mosaic technique thanks to funding from the Regional Arts Fund through Country Arts SA.

“It took us nearly eight months to complete the enormous correa bush in the centre of the mural and after that, we decided to take some creative licence and have a little fun,” Mrs Camac said.

“There are some images hidden in the mural which weren’t in the original design and which you have to look pretty hard to find – a ladybird, lizard, snake and bee.”

The mural will be the last and final piece in the epic Creating Coonalpyn program, which saw Coorong District Council work with the local community and Country Arts SA to deliver a suite of public arts installations in the agricultural heartland of the Mallee.

Coorong District Council Director Community and Corporate, Nat Traeger said the mural, like all of the Creating Coonalpyn installations, had created significant benefits for the local community beyond simply beautifying the town. “This project has created a driving purpose in the lives of many local women, bringing them together to achieve an incredible landmark for the region and a legacy for their families,” Ms Traeger said.

“We know the mosaic mural will join the silo mural as one of the most photographed sites in SA, but it’s the impact it’s had on our community members that truly shows the success of Creating Coonalpyn.”

And with the mosaic mural now finished, the Coonalpyn Arts Group is already thinking about its next project, urging the community to watch this space.

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