• Hannah Phillips

How Do Trees Access Health Info Online? They Log On!

Paddock and roadside trees play a vital part of our rural landscape but their future is uncertain, with many trees in the Coorong and Tatiara districts dying or show symptoms of poor health.

A new website has been developed to combat the problem, called SA Tree Watch - allowing locals to assess the health of trees in their region and add the information to an interactive map and database.

All information about sick trees and their symptoms uploaded to the Tree Watch website will be used to help understand tree decline problems, and develop a plan for improving tree health across the region.

Research is being led by Federation University, with information collated through an online “Citizen Science” Survey containing diagnostic information, found at satreewatch.com.au.

The Survey process will help researchers narrow down the cause of tree decline by asking questions about chemical use, soil health, traffic levels and more.

All data and information will be used to help plan for future landscapes with plenty of large, healthy, native trees.

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