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Holden Responds To Regional Concerns

Further investigation into Holden's abrupt end for 30 dealers around Australia, found two businesses in our Flow region about to see the end of their dealerships.

Both businesses A. J. Gloster & Sons' Garage in Underbool Victoria and Peter Hood Holden in Meningie South Australia, will no longer be associated with Holden come December 31.

Sarah spoke to Holden's Executive Director of Customer Experience Peter Jamieson to find out why these two dealerships were removed from Holden's "network footprint".

Mr Jamieson told Flow Fm "we have a range of processes that we have in place to support our dealerships through this transition... support services for individual employees, support services for the leaders of the dealerships, business consultancy services that enable each of these dealers to assess what might be next".

To read our original article about A.J. Gloster & Sons losing their 90 year dealership, check out our story here.

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