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Damage to Mannum School

Police are investigating property damage at a Mannum school on Wednesday night.

Between 6pm on Wednesday 13 December and 7am the next morning damage has been caused to a freestanding shade area, irrigation pit cover and wheelie bin at the Mannum Community College.

Anyone with information about this offence is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online.

Police are asking everyone to keep an eye on local schools over the holidays, when the absence of students and teaching staff can provide more opportunities for property crimes to occur within school grounds.

Local communities can assist in preventing damage and theft in schools by reporting suspicious behaviour, vehicles or noises in and around schools.

The tips below can help keep our schools safe:

  • Report any unusual behaviour on school grounds to police on 131 444.

  • Report unusual noises, such as glass breaking.

  • Look out for fresh graffiti and vandalism and report it to police on 131 444. The early removal of graffiti can help to discourage more graffiti in the same area.

  • Look for unusual vehicles parked at schools on weekends or during holidays.

  • Watch for groups 'hanging around' on school grounds - this can be a starting point for crime to occur.

  • No-one should be on school grounds late at night/early hours, so always report it.

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