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Stop the Supply of Alcohol to Minors

With New Year's Eve on its way, South Australian Police are reminding people the state’s liquor licensing laws have change, with stronger penalties for those who illegally supply alcohol to anyone under 18.

Big parties and events will be targeted, where large groups of teenagers are supplied with alcohol, with Police focus on organised events, which includes any event with an entry fee.

Under the new laws, parents and caregivers can still allow their underage teen to drink at a range of locations, so long as there is responsible supervision.

The laws at a glance:

  • You must not supply alcohol to someone under 18 years at an organised event in a public place that has an entry fee or paid ticket; for example a warehouse or after formal party.

  • Home: An underage teen can consume alcohol at home or in another person’s home, provided there is permission from the parent/caregiver and there is responsible supervision.

  • House parties: Alcohol can be provided to underage teens with parent/caregiver permission and responsible supervision.

  • Private property: Alcohol is not to be provided to teenagers at any non-residential property, including industrial sheds, out buildings and warehouses.

  • Public spaces: Teens can be given alcohol, as long as there is permission from the parent/caregiver and responsible supervision is present. A declared dry zone excludes everyone.

Senior Constable Randal Munch, from the Barossa Local Service Area’s crime prevention section recommended that parents and caregivers engage with their underage teen about alcohol and the risks associated with teenage drinking.

“Make sure that if you are allowing your teen to drink, they are being responsibly supervised by you or someone you trust and are aware of their responsibilities and the law,” he said.

Find out about the new supply laws online at

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