• Hannah Phillips

Robe's New Telstra Tower Under Question

A new Telstra tower that could increase mobile coverage and improve reliability of service in the Robe region has come under question by the town's Mayor Peter Riseley, and Chief Executive Roger Sweetman.

In the Council's monthly newletter, Mayor Riseley outlined his concerns with the tower, explaining his position on re-evaluating the intended sighting of a 50m telecommunications tower, adjacent to the Southern Ports highway - Kingston Road section, on the outskirts of Robe.

He and Mr Sweetman have written to Telstra to express their concerns and said "while a resolution has not been reached the dialogue is ongoing.

"It is important to note Council understands that communication is seen as an essential service. Robe does

have black spots and summer capacity issues.

"Council does appreciate Telstra work in this area but has major concerns about the locality of the intended tower."

Negotiations continue.

Image Source: Telstra Exchange

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