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Bike Passport Proven to Protect Property

SA Police are advising locals to complete a freely available 'bike passport' in order to better protect bicycles and have an official record of property in the case of a theft.

Courtney had the story on the Brekkie Flow.

Police say "you can reduce your chances of having your bike stolen and increase chances of getting your bike back if it is stolen, by following these basic tips:

  • Take a photograph of your bike and then complete a Bike Passport online with all the details about your bike and keep it in a safe place.

  • Engrave or mark your bike frame (near the serial number) with an ultraviolet (UV) pen, microdot or by other permanent means with your driver’s licence number prefixed by the letter ‘S’ for South Australia, e.g. S123456.

  • Engrave or mark all your accessories, including helmet, lights, pump, saddle, etc. in the same way.

  • When at home, secure your bike in a locked shed or inside your house; don’t leave it in sight in your yard or driveway.

  • Purchase and fit a good quality bike lock such as a D or U style lock.

When out and about:

  • Always park and secure your bike in well-lit and populated areas.

  • Always lock the bike frame and both wheels to a secure object.

  • When securing your bike, remove equipment including helmet, lights, pump and other accessories.

  • Never leave your bike unattended or unlocked, even for a short time.

If you witness someone acting suspiciously around bikes, please call Police on 131 444.

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