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Heatwave Hits Flow Regions

Temperatures are sizzling across the Flow regions today and into the weekend, with people being urged to take care and be mindful of the weather conditions, with a potential heatwave on its way.

The Bureau of Meteorology have released the latest weather update on Twitter.

People travelling and on the go are also being urged to stick to the conditions, with Wayne sharing an update on this morning's Mid Morning Show.

Forest Fire Management Victoria Chief Fire Officer Stephanie Rotarangi commented on the conditions saying: “We urge people to be responsible and check local conditions, particularly when venturing into national parks, reserves and state forests."

“These weather conditions mean any fires that start will be much harder to control," Ms Rotarangi said.

“Our firefighters are on standby ready to respond to any fires, but we want the public to stay informed and alert in these extremely hot, dry and windy conditions.”

The Department of Health and Human services have also issued a Heat Health alert for the upcoming hot weather.

“Victoria’s parks and forests are spectacular places to enjoy nature but in extreme weather conditions we encourage people to be aware of local conditions and look after themselves and others.

“Walking or riding in high temperatures can lead to heat stress. Some simple ways to avoid heat stress is to avoid walking during the hottest part of the day and drinking plenty of water.

“It is illegal to light any fires when a Total Fire Ban day has been declared and that includes campfires and BBQs.

“Escaped campfires cause around 10% of bushfires. Follow the rules and don’t let your campfire become a bushfire this summer.”

Parks Victoria Director Fire and Emergency David Nugent said: “Some parks will close on days of severe or extreme fire danger.

"Check the Parks Victoria website at for details of any park closures, and always call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.”

Simple tips to beat the heat include:

• Check the weather: Be aware of high temperatures and hot winds • Keep cool: Stop and rest often in the shade and do not walk during the hottest part of the day • Drink water: Take plenty of water for each person for your activities and head back before you drink half your water • Help others: Check on others and make sure they are ok and if someone is unwell, head back immediately • Know the rules on campfires and BBQs: Visit to find out what you can and can’t do.

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