• Hannah Phillips

Colac's Bluewater Stadium Ready for Reseal

Colac Otway Shire Council is preparing to reseal Bluewater stadium floor as part of its routine maintenance program.

Upgrades are also planned for the grandstand with handrails to be installed on existing staircases and a bottom level of seating to be added, suitable for patrons with access requirements. The floor was laid more than 10 months ago, allowing time for the pre-coated boards to settle prior to an all-of-floor seal.

Acting CEO Robert Dobrzynski said the resealing program was part of an ongoing maintenance schedule and is based on supplier recommendation.

“The reseal is part of Council’s commitment to ensuring the quality of the floor is maintained for longevity.

"We expect this floor to have thousands of pairs of feet running over it during the course of its lifetime.”

Ace Flooring, the installer of the floor, has been engaged to undertake the reseal.

The stadium will be closed for the works between January 22-29.

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