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Lockhart Bowling Club Shade Grant

Daryl Maguire, Member for Wagga Wagga gave Lockhart Bowling Club a one off grant of $5,000 to purchase 7 new shade sales for its greens.

The club which has been functional since 1950 caters for players of all skill levels by providing opportunities to participate at either competitive or social level.

Mr Maguire said the 7 individual shade modules will protect players and spectators from the climatic elements of sun, wind and rain.

“Currently the southern end of the Lockhart Blowing Clubs green exposes players and spectators to the harsh Australian sun, or rain during our wetter months,”

“The new shade sales will ensure people will continue to be physically active year round, knowing they have a reduced risk of sun damage which can cause deadly melanomas.”

Club President Barry Love said the installation of new shade sales should see an increase in greens usage.

“Participants can be hesitant to play outdoor sports during summer in Lockhart due to the risk of becoming heat affected and increasing the chance of developing sun related melanomas.” said Mr Love.

“We hope this will make our green more attractive to our members, new comers and other Bowls associations who come for competitions.”

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