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Automated Vehicles Roll into Regional Aus

Driverless technology is rolling into regional Australia, with Transport NSW having brought together industry, local council and entrepreneurs in Wagga Wagga today, to help develop and co-deliver a number of connected and automated vehicle trials.

Anita had the story on today's Country Viewpoint.

The NSW Government believes it is vital that the needs of the regions are addressed in the development of driverless technology, which could transform the daily lives of rural and regional customers with the potential to reduce isolation, improve mobility and save lives on country roads.

Daryl Maguire MP, Member for Wagga Wagga said the electorate was one of four regional towns hosting events that aim to create something valuable and truly innovative in regional NSW.

“There’s huge potential out here to invent, innovate and experiment,” Mr Maguire said.

“Although we have made some progress in this field with autonomous emergency braking, autonomous vehicle technology is still developing.

"We need to continue to prepare for change and embrace driverless capabilities,” Mr Maguire said.

Autonomous braking was one of the first breakthrough autonomous technologies integrated for road vehicles.

In NSW, around 12% of serious injury crashes are rear-end crashes, with autonomous vehicle technology proving it can reduce these specific crashes by up to 35% (at a low speed).

For more information and to register for a regional autonomous vehicle event, visit

To find out more about the development of driverless technology being especially developed for regional Australia, check out Flow FM's story: 'Kangaroos One Leap Ahead of Driverless Cars'.

Image Source - Google driverless car, Steve Jurvetson

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