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Bringing Water Back to Green Lake

The lack of water in Green Lake is a serious issue for the Sea Lake and district community who previously used the body of water for recreational purposes.

Since the creation of the 'Bringing Water Back to Green Lake Project', addressing significant seepage issues in the lake, momentum is being gained and refilling the lake is set to become a reality.

The Victorian Government announced $2 million in funding for the project in October 2017, which will be managed by GWMWater with assistance from Buloke Shire Council.

According to a statement released by the Council: "A steering committee was established in December to ensure GWMWater, Buloke Shire Council, Barengi Gadgen Aboriginal Corporation, Green Lake Committee of Management, Advance Sea Lake and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have a common understanding of the project objectives and opportunity to provide appropriate input into the project planning and implementation.

"GWMWater are currently working through the detailed approvals required for this unique project, [with] important issues such as cultural heritage and native vegetation currently being addressed."

The lake has its own water allocation and well maintained and utilised amenities already in place.

Buloke Shire Council Mayor David Pollard described the importance of the project saying: “It is an important asset for the community and to be so close to getting underway is very exciting.

"Council looks forward to continuing to work with GWMWater and the other various organisations to ensure smooth delivery of the project. "I can’t wait to see the pipe turned on and water returned to Green Lake”, he said.

The current process is expected to be completed by the end of May this year, when a contractor will be engaged to complete the final project.

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