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Fair Bus Fares in Regional NSW

Bus fares in regional NSW are about to be dramatically reduced following recommendations made by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal.

The announcement came from Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW John Barilaro and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance.

Mr Constance said prices will be reduced by almost 30 per cent on average bringing prices into line with customer’s expectations.

“To ensure that we are delivering the best value for money for our customers, the NSW Government asked IPART to review bus fares in regional areas in February last year,” Mr Constance said.

“IPART’s review found that fares are higher than what customers are willing to pay, resulting in lower patronage on regional services.

“In response to the Tribunal’s recommendations, we will be implementing a simpler fare structure for customers from 5 March, with an average saving of around 29 per cent on adult tickets.

“The new structure will see the creation of 10 standard fare bands across regional NSW with the maximum adult fare for a short trip of three kilometres set at $2.30, while any trip longer than 200 kilometres will have a maximum fare of $48.20 for an adult.

“We’re also introducing a new Daily Ticket which will provide customers with unlimited travel within certain sections within a day. Daily adult tickets will start at $6.90 for short trips.”

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW John Barilaro said the decision will make bus fares more affordable for people living in rural and regional NSW.

“Having affordable access to transport is a critical part of living in regional NSW,” Mr Barilaro said.

“This decision will improve demand for regional bus services meaning more people will be able to stay connected to friends and family and reach the everyday services they need.

“This is in line with the expectation that we have as a government that everyone should have equal and affordable access transport no matter where you live in NSW,” Mr Barilaro said.

Under the previous fare structure, the maximum fare for one section was $2.30 or $3.40 for two sections. Under the new structure, customers will pay a maximum of $2.30 for one to two sections.

Eligible concession holders will pay half the adult fare and the Regional Excursion Daily ticket for pensioners will remain at $2.50.

The Government will also continue to investigate other recommendations from the IPART review such as restructuring services to better match emerging needs, including on demand services and improving operator cost efficiency.

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