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Securing the Future of Lockhart Museum

Lockhart's Greens Gunyah Museum has a strong future ahead, following the announcement of a successful grant application from Minister for the Arts Don Harwin and Wagga MP Daryl Maguire.

The volunteer run museum will receive $1,710 to enable the development and installation of a series of six large interpretive exhibition panels in the new Billabong Pavilion.

The overarching theme for the new permanent gallery is 'Our Spirit, Our Land, Our Stories, Our People...This is the Story of Lockhart'.

Mr Maguire said: “It gives me great pleasure to be able to support volunteers who work so tirelessly to look after our shared heritage.

“These people and their museum are a much valued part of our community, and they deserve all the support we can give them.”

Minister for the Arts Don Harwin said: “I know that this grant will bring about some great development outcomes and improvements at the Greens Gunyah Museum that will benefit the whole community.

“Because the museums which receive money under this program are all volunteer-run, I am confident that the benefits of these grants will be substantial for the whole community.”

The funding comes from the NSW Government’s arts, screen and culture agency Create NSW through the Volunteer Museum Small Grants Program, administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW.

Under the program, 16 community museums across regional NSW and metro Sydney will benefit from a total of $48,196 in funding.

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