• Hannah Phillips

Rainbow Shines through the Oasis

The Rainbow Oasis project funded by Regional Arts Victoria, has gathered quite a following in its short running time.

Up in Flow's 95.3 southern Mallee region the small town of Rainbow has created an oasis of plants, arts, sights, sounds and smells all around town.

With such a strong number of attendees to workshops, events and working bees in the past year, The Oasis hosted nearly 900 people at more than 30 workshops and educational events held during the first 12 months of the Small Towns Transformation project.

With so much more to come for the Rainbow Oasis, Sarah caught up with project manager Adelle to find out what the Rainbow Oasis is all about.

To find out more about The Oasis, head to oasis-rainbow.com or give Adelle a call on 0431 820 493.